Rev. T. Shane Couch, MAR, CPSAS

Rev. Marty D. Couch, LMFT, LPCC

Our Purpose

Our ministry exists to help, teach, equip, and minister to those in or preparing for ministry to enable them to fulfill the call that God has placed on their lives, specifically in the areas of sexual purity, marital issues, and relational boundaries.

Our Story

For many years, I (Shane) was preaching one thing and living another because of the shame my struggles with sexual sin brought upon me, specifically in the area of internet pornography. I tried to overcome cyclical patterns and habitual behaviors on my own,  with an accountability partner or partners, and through prayer and Bible memorization, but I was never able to overcome these issues. My sinful habits and shame continued and my denial grew stronger. It carried over into my marriage and began to affect our relationship, but all the while we were putting  our best foot forward at church making everything appear good and healthy and biblical, but it wasn’t. Several years ago, I reached my breaking point and could not stand to be living so hypocritically any longer. I confessed all my issues to my wife and a long, hard journey of recovery began for both of us.  


Freedom from decade’s worth of habits, shame, cycles, and hypocrisy is worth the work. Therefore, we have partnered together to minister to people with similar, untold stories, Marty as a Marriage & Family Therapist focusing on couples with sexual addiction issues and I as an ordained minister with a shepherd’s heart towards others who are silently struggling. We wish to talk about a subject hardly addressed, yet silence keeps so many pastors and laypeople bound. We want to tell others, out of our brokenness and healing, there is hope!

Education and Training

T. Shane Couch is a licensed Minister and holds a Masters in Pastoral Counseling.  He is an appointed US Specialized Chaplain with the Assemblies of God. Shane worked on staff at a church for 17 years before co-founding Missionaries to Ministers, Inc. as a US Missionary. He is a Certified Pastoral Sexual Addiction Specialist (CPSAS) and a Pastoral Counselor who blends his Biblical training and experience with the tools of recovery.


Marty Couch is also a licensed Minister as well as a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Professonal Clinical Counselor and co-founder of Missionaries to Ministers, Inc. Marty specializes in helping clergy and their families in many areas including sexual addiction and recovery, grief, mood disorders, trauma, identity growth, relational issues and parenting.  Marty had brain surgery in 2008, from which she is recovering well.She has some facial paralysis as a result of the surgery, but finds that her journey offers hope to those who feel paralyzed on the inside.



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